About B. J. T. Pepin

B. J. T. Pepin was born in East-Central Canada and was raised there alongside his three brothers.

After a couple years of post-secondary education, B. J. T. Pepin joined the Canadian Armed Forces.  He began his service as a Non-Commissioned Member in the role of Avionics Technician.  Within a few years, he was selected to receive university training and chose to pursue a career in Social Work.  After completing his Bachelor of Social Work, he became an Officer and completed his Masters within his last 10 years of service.  Altogether, his contribution equals 20 years as an Officer and 27 total years of service.

During those years of service, B. J. T. Pepin had two wonderful children—one boy and one girl.  Both of his children are now grown up and he is fortunate enough to have two grandchildren.

B. J. T. Pepin remarried and has settled in East-Central Canada with his lovely wife…and his mutt of a dog.