Saturday, May 15, 2021

How the Pandemic PsyOp Has Played Out (Part Two)

Psychological Warfare and the Pandemic

How has the pandemic PsyOp played out to this point in time?

The pandemic PsyOp began with a false flag: Something occurred in a faraway place. Some said that it was a virulent contagion that had escaped a research facility. Others suggested that it was a case of biological warfare, whereby the contagion was purposely released into the local population with the intent of spreading it across the world. Yet others said that it was a pathogen that went from an animal to a human. Clearly, fingers and blame were pointed in many directions regarding the origin of the contagion. However, whether or not any one of these scenarios was true is secondary; instead, the goals of instilling fear in people, gaining control, and shifting public opinion were achieved.

After the new airborne pathogen had been “discovered,” it quickly became a “real” threat—one in which there was, and still is, no cure. While the potential for death from the airborne pathogen is actually real, it’s clearly an exception rather than the rule; the survival rate is well over 99% for all age groups except those who are 70+(94.6%). So, should we be concerned? Perhaps, if we or our loved ones are over 70. But how does this airborne pathogen compare to the common flu? Unless my calculations are way off, the numbers show very little difference (excluding the 70+ range). So, why not protect that group instead of locking down the entire population? Clearly, because it goes counter to the operation’s propaganda...

When the story broke, news outlets started pumping out “information” that presented us with doom-and-gloom scenarios. Media in all of its forms—internet, TV, radio, social, or other—suggested that we were all going to die and that the science would prevail to “save the world.” “Experts” in lab coats began peddling one—and only one—perspective on the pathogen. They made sure that only their narrative and “science” about the airborne pathogen was acceptable and presented. In fact, when information went against the narrative, it was discounted, suppressed, and/or censored by news outlets and the media, and the individuals (and their media accounts) who presented counter arguments or statistics were ridiculed, threatened, and “cancelled.” This made it impossible for a balanced view to exist in the public sphere; instead, with brainwashing as the objective, only one approved narrative could be allowed to circulate.

As it was to be expected, this objective came to fruition, with only approved leaflets reaching the public. Messages included calls to socially/physically distance, stay at home/self-isolate, quarantine, and even report people to the police if they didn’t follow the “rules.” The mask became the main object to symbolize adherence to the “rules” and communicate “virtue” to others. Now, newer leaflets are circulating, with a focus on communicating that the injection is safe and beneficial. Next, expect “injection passports” to become a/the new object, further differentiating those who are “clean” from those who are “dirty.”

With this messaging, the threat will evolve to include the potential for violence between those who follow the “rules”—the “clean” citizens—and those who don’t—the “dirty pathogen spreaders.” Further restrictions will be imposed by governments that threaten everyone’s rights and freedoms and establish unprecedented control over the populace, including martial law and police-state-like measures. If you don’t believe me, this has already been tested in Ontario, Canada. To boot, people have been and will continue to be complicit in these measures by giving up their rights and freedoms in order to “save lives.” With the newest threat of only being allowed to return to “normal” if we have an injection passport, those who do not comply will not be allowed to attend sporting events, go to a theatre or restaurant, go to the gym, or visit any public venue for that matter; in other words, all of those who do not comply with each new rule will be banished from civil society.

So, has the PsyOp worked? Considering all of the preceding, without a doubt! Do you remember the wise adage, “divide and conquer”? Between political, social, and pathogen-related issues, our population is more divided now than ever. With differences preventing people from joining together to combat the erosion of their rights and freedoms, it’s especially easy to manipulate and control the population at this point in time.

However, I believe the tide is starting to turn. In order to prove this, consider this resource on psychological warfare. It suggests that propaganda takes three forms:

a. “White propaganda: The information is truthful and only moderately biased. The source of the information is cited;

b. Grey propaganda: The information is mostly truthful and contains no information that can be disproven. However, no sources are cited; and

c. Black propaganda: Literally ‘fake news,’ the information is false or deceitful and is attributed to sources not responsible for its creation.”

Quoting Daniel Lerner, the author writes, "Credibility is a condition of persuasion. Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe what you say.” But, as the author suggests,while grey and black propaganda campaigns often have the most immediate impact, they also carry the greatest risk. Sooner or later, the target population identifies the information as being false, thus discrediting the source.”

While all of us have been subject to grey and black propaganda throughout the pandemic, some of us have been (and continue to be) more affected than others. Nonetheless, with so many propagandists’ credibility going down the tubes, I believe we’re starting to turn the corner; finally, light is starting to become the best disinfectant, so to speak.

Read on to Part Three to see how the ridiculousness of it all is becoming more and more apparent.

Otherwise, if you haven’t read it yet, go back to Defining Psychological Warfare (Part One).

- Steve

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