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Do Masks and Injections Equal Protection and Freedom? (Part Three)

Psychological Warfare and the Pandemic

A little more than one year into the plandemic, there appears to be a rise in the number of demonstrations against the measures taken by the government and police. This suggests that many people are asking questions about the entire situation. Not only are they questioning the “science”/”statistics,” they are starting to question the motivation behind the governmental and police measures. Demonstrators are saying that someone is behind all of this with a design to control the populace. But, more on that later...

Despite the measures taken to “protect” us and related propaganda, is it possible that personal observation is sufficient in order to determine the veracity of the claims made by the “medical experts” and our governments about the airborne pathogen? I submit that the answer is a resounding “Yes!” But, what are some of the questions we might ask to make such determinations? And would these questions provide us with clear evidence that something is not right?

By the way, in case you’re thinking that I do not believe in the pathogen, you’re wrong; I am not suggesting that it does not exist. Rather, it’s clear to me that it simply is not the killer that the “medical experts” and government claim it to be.

The first question one can ask relates to the mandatory use of “masks.” There is a lot of debate as to whether or not masks work. Maybe the question should be: Which masks verifiably protect us against airborne particles and which don’t? The prevalent types of “masks” used by the vast majority of people are cloth/fabric masks, surgical masks, and face shields. In the case of our politicians and police, they tend to model cloth/fabric and surgical masks. But, do they work?

The short answer is: No. Don’t take my word for it; here is a reference straight from the CDC stating so. Take note, however, that it takes a lot of research and reading in order to get to the real answer; not only is the answer hidden toward the bottom of the reference, but the discussion of additional types of “masks” only serve to confuse the reader. In any case, given the size of aerosolised particles, the use of a “mask” amounts to using a chain-link fence to stop a pea—and by the way, this analogy is not of my creation. Clearly, the “masks” used by most everyone do not work and only amount to a form of virtue signalling.

Now, what about the injection? I keep on hearing that the injection is there to save us all and ensure that we don’t pass on the pathogen to our loved ones. But does it work as the “medical experts” say it does?

I was previously under the understanding that an injection prevents an individual from getting a particular disease, but it appears that it is no longer the case. In fact, after consulting an online dictionary, I was surprised to see how the definition had changed within the past few years to include the use of mRNA. If only I could find out when this addition took place... Feels like Newspeak to me!

What bugs me the most is that we are bombarded with the idea that the injection is “approved.” But, is it? The answer to this is also clear: It is not approved. Don’t believe me? Read what the CDC has to say. Once again, in a long-winded explanation, the CDC confirms that the injections have received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only, where: ”Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.” Very interesting indeed! Was the CDC coerced or paid off to allow for the use of these experimental injections? I surely don’t know, but I can’t help but detect an odour...

So, once you’ve received the injection, you can go about living and doing your business, right? Not really! Here is the direction given by the CDC:

You will still need to follow guidance at your workplace and local businesses. [Also,] you will still be required to wear a mask on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States, and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations.”

In fact, it wasn’t until just recently that the CDC removed the mask and physical distancing mandates. And note how they refer to it as “interim public health recommendations”? It’s so they can reverse their guidelines whenever they please!

Since the CDC said that they’re still learning how the injections will affect the spread of the airborne pathogen, I guess that either it’s because the injection was rushed into use without enough testing—hence the EUA—or the worldwide use itself serves as the testing. What else could it be?! Essentially, those who choose to take the injection are the “guinea pigs”!

And do you think that the “medical experts” or the rich and powerful will receive the injection? I doubt it. A placebo instead? Absolutely! Where is mine?!

In his video, Stmeyer poses a series of questions designed to make us use our very own powers of observation in order to determine the truth about the airborne pathogen:

1. “If there really is a pandemic, then why don’t we hear the constant wail of ambulance sirens throughout the day and night?

2. If there really is a pandemic, then why are all the undertakers saying that business is either normal or less than usual?

3. If there really is a pandemic, then why don’t we see endless queues of people at cemeteries and crematoriums burying their loved ones?

4. If there really is a pandemic, then why are all of the statistics saying that the death rate was within normal parameters last year?

5. If there really is a pandemic, then why have all the normal influenza deaths nearly disappeared?

6. If the first lockdown worked, then why are we doing it again?

7. If the lockdowns didn’t work, then why are we doing the same thing again?

8. Why is the government listening to their own very small panel of experts and refusing to listen to the vast majority of doctors, nurses, and health experts?

9. Why do we see scenes of pandemonium in hospitals on TV when, in reality, they are all empty?

10.If there really is a pandemic, then why are there thousands of nurses out of work?

11.If the pandemic started in 2019, then how did all the governments around the world order and deliver PCR test kits the year before in 2018?

12.If used and discarded masks could be highly contagious, then why do we see thousands of them littering the streets and countryside?

13.If there really is a worldwide pandemic, then why do the rules and regulations differ greatly from city to city and country to country?

14.If the [airborne pathogen] doesn’t affect children, then why are the schools shut?

15.If masks work, then why haven’t we been using them every year for the flu?

16.Why have we never seen people keeling over and dying in the streets?

17.If we should avoid crowds of people, then why are the supermarkets that can hold hundreds of people open and your corner shop with only room for three people shut?

18.Why is the government calling positive PCR tests ‘cases’ and not just a positive result?

19.Why has the BBC and all other media outlets failed to tell you that the World Health Organization has published an update saying that the PCR tests are unreliable and should not be used?

20.If a cough or sneeze droplet can carry up to 30 feet, then why are we socially distancing only six feet?

21.Why are you OK with rubbing poison into your skin 10 times a day?

22.Why do we need an experimental DNA-changing [injection] for a [pathogen] with a 99.7% recovery rate?

23.If the [injection] works, then why can you still catch and transmit the disease after you receive the [injection]?

24.If you’ve had the [injection], then why do you still have to wear a mask and social distance?

25.How many people do you personally know who have died from the [airborne pathogen]? And then compare that number to how many people you know who have [injection-damaged] family members.”

He concludes his video with the following: “Ask yourself next time you leave the house: Am I really seeing a deadly pandemic? If the answer to this last question is “yes,” then you really need to turn off your television. It is much easier to fool somebody than convince them that they have been fooled [attributed to Mark Twain].” Enough said!

So, who is behind it all? In order to find out, read on to Part Four!

Otherwise, if you haven’t read it yet, go back to How the Pandemic PsyOp Has Played Out (Part Two).

- Steve

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