Monday, March 29, 2021

Nazi Mengele Attempting Another Mass Extermination via Worldwide Injections


In a bizarre twist similar to an episode of the Twilight Zone, there is mounting evidence that suggests Josef Mengele is not only ALIVE, but “practising medicine” and doing “genetic research” all over the world!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Josef Mengele, also known as the “Angel of Death,” is a WWII German Nazi officer and medical doctor who was assigned to the Auschwitz/Birkenau extermination camps from 1943 to 1945.  He was in charge of selecting which prisoners to execute in the gas chambers and which to perform a variety of genetic, poison, racial, and twin-related experiments on.  You should know that these experiments, which were supposedly performed in the name of science for the advancement of the pure race, were performed with total disregard for their negative impacts and could certainly be seen as torture.  Unfortunately however, for all of those who died and suffered at his hand, this war criminal was never prosecuted at the Nuremberg Trials after the war.  With the help of influential and high ranking officials in several countries, he managed to avoid capture by Nazi Hunters and the Mossad and eventually escaped to South America.  That is where he reportedly lived out his life.  But now, evidence has surfaced suggesting that he is alive and well.

Several decades later, astute researchers and scientists have postulated that in the course of his experiments on the prisoners at Auschwitz/Birkenau, Mengele discovered how to significantly slow/reverse the aging process.  Furthermore, it is believed that he used this knowledge to perform genetic therapy on himself in order to prolong his own life; that is, using the medical knowledge and discoveries he acquired during WWII paired with several facial reconstruction operations, he has lived under several aliases and has hidden in plain sight since his alleged death in 1979.  In fact, during this time, it is also believed that he has infiltrated and held the highest medical positions around the world.  Throughout the process, he has gained so much power and influence that, now at the age of 111 (although he doesn’t look it), he is at the pinnacle of the medical establishment, whereby his decrees and direction determine the fate of the entire population of earth.

Hiding behind a world-renowned alias, Mengele continues to perform his poison and genetic experiments.  Most recently, he released an airborne pathogen that has impacted the majority of the world’s population.  In addition to his experimental goals, he has also aimed to produce authoritative, non-democratic lock-downs, isolation, martial-law-like measures, and imposition of unproven medical protocols–not unlike what transpired during the times of Nazi Germany–all of which give him more control under the guise of protecting people from the pathogen.  Then, it is believed, he and other influential leaders can rid the earth of a significant portion of the population–a “culling,” so to speak–so the “master race” can once again rule the world!

It is clear that the knowledge and experience accrued by Mengele during WWII and throughout his veiled life has served him well to the present.  Behind the adjustment and change of medical terminology and definitions and through computer modelling/simulations, Mengele has manipulated the earth’s population into believing that they are infected by a v!rus that will eradicate all people.  By presenting himself as a kind of saviour, he has swooped in to offer the solution: a so-called “vacc!ne” that will inoculate and protect them forevermore.

Mengele works to gain compliance and control by painting doom and gloom scenarios that produce fear and panic.  Then, once he has seized control, he can proceed unimpeded with his new experiment, which involves injecting the world’s population with a “solution” that includes “nanoparticles” (derived from a poisonous substance called polyethylene glycol) and genetically manipulated material called mRNA (using cellular material taken from aborted fetuses).  Using technical terms not easily understood by the masses, he proceeds to advertise his concoction as being capable of training the human body to create spike proteins that will fight off the airborne pathogen.  Meanwhile, real medical experts are censored as they express concern about the harmful effects cell manipulation, and only Mengele’s “facts” survive.

But, you don’t need to be a medical expert to see through the technical jargon that is being used in order to understand what this injection truly is: It’s gene therapy!  Since our immune system knows its job and resists the process, it is not surprising that the “re-education” of our cells requires several doses of Mengele’s solution.  However, note that the injection does not prevent a person from reinfection or infecting someone else; in other words, it does nothing to prevent or kill the pathogen and only manipulates your cells!  Worse yet, because the solution has bypassed all of the long-term testing and safety protocols, no one knows what the long-term negative side effects will be from cell manipulation.  And notice how the short-term effects are being branded as “immune responses” instead of “side effects”?  Negative side effects will never exist if those words are never used!

Based on the information above, it is clear that Mengele’s solution does not and cannot meet the definition of a “vacc!ne” because it doesn’t inoculate the individual.  Moreover, those who have done their research know that many have experienced and succumbed to the side effects of the injection, so it’s already clear that it isn’t safe.  Nonetheless, Mengele and his medical and political supporters continue to deny the link between his solution and the affected individuals.  If the injection causes a mild to moderate injury, they call it a “mild immune response.”  If it causes serious injury or death, then they put the blame on comorbidities and falsely assign it to “natural causes.”  Isn’t it interesting how they assign deaths due to comorbidities to the pathogen, yet they assign deaths due to the injection to comorbidities?  They redefine the problem and its causes in order to suit their solution and maintain power.  More specifically, this allows them to use the injection in the way it was designed: to fail and kill off a significant portion of the population.

Sadly, so far, the world has allowed Mengele and his cronies to get away with it.  Very clearly, history is repeating itself!  Through the use of power and manipulation, and with the support of people who have fallen for the trick, Mengele and his followers can now pursue their sinister plan and tyrannical ways.  Many countries are now being held hostage, whereby no can travel without proof of injection.  Given his history, expect that many will suffer and die from the adverse effects of his hidden agenda, be they medically, socially, or financially-induced.  In fact, since most of the countries that helped liberate Europe from the Nazis have succumbed to the scheme, Mengele et al can now have their revenge!  What’s worse is that the primary target of his first atrocity is again front and center, with the majority of Israel having just received Mengele’s “solution.”  As cruel as it may sound, it appears as though “the final solution” has reared its ugly head once again.

Now, I ask, what are you going to do about it?

- Steve