Tuesday, November 01, 2016

To shoot or not to shoot

While browsing the news, I came across an interesting piece.  In her Huffington Post article entitled, “Quebec Police Defend Decision To Stun 9-Year-Old With Taser,” Rhianna Schmunk describes a situation where a nine-year-old boy, apparently out of control, was brandishing a 10-inch knife in one hand and a six-inch knife in the other.  He had apparently made several holes in walls before his mother called for help.  The police tried to talk the boy down, but not wanting to risk the well-being of the boy and others, when the nine-year-old headed toward a room with other family members, the choice was made to taser him.  Although the kid was brought to the hospital, he was uninjured.

Several comments were made concerning the incident.  Some suggested that the boy should have been physically overpowered by the police.  Others stated that if the events were to have unfolded elsewhere in the world, the boy would have been shot (likely dead).  In either case, someone could have or would have been injured.  These comments aside, what the heck led the boy to resort to this type of behaviour?  Does the boy have psychological issues?  Some would say, absolutely!  Is this entire situation a result of a lack of parenting?  Perhaps!  Might it be a combination of the two?  Likely!

So what is behind this?  To me, it’s simple.  Out of pure ignorance or plain stupidity, the parents, not wanting to “mistreat” or “abuse” the child, let him have his way throughout his nine years.  The kid, used to having his way when faced with any type of obstacle to him getting what he wanted, reacted in a manner that he knew would assure him of getting his way.  So, it’s a combination of lazy parenting and a selfish child.  And where can parents be lazy and kids be selfish?  The holy grail of evil: fast food restaurants!  Blame it on fast foods!

- B. J. T. Pepin